Industry needed Digital Capabilities

As the world witnessing, every business across industries is attempting to build digital capabilities across value chain to transform their business to digital business. Digital capabilities are now pre-requisite and it will be the de-facto for companies growth. Digital Technologies, Data and Analytics are re-defining the core business and enables adding new services to existing offerings, developing new business models, and even directly selling products and services through data based recommendations.
Digital and business problem solving skills are critically needed to build digital business models, capabilities, customer insights, data monetization and other capabilities .


Corporate having Digital Capabilities performs 2-3 times higher growth and cost efficiency

  • Innovative Products and Services design

  • Digitization of Product and Service Delivery

  • Data Driven Decisions and Data Monetizations

  • Digitization of Processes and Value Chain Integration

  • Greater Customer Experience through Digital Connect

Given the rapid change of pace, Conventional approach or pure tools specialized skills will not be sufficient enough to deal with

  • Contemporary business needs and problems
  • Ability to handle massive amount of diversified data
  • Integration of internal systems and external ecosystems in the value chain
  • Speed-up the core business delivery components while reducing the risk of legacy systems.
  • Agile and incremental Value Creation

To build industry needed digital capabilities and engage with multiple businesses opportunities and deal with diversified IT landscape you need collective skills with Full Stack technical know-how such as Bid Data, Analytics, API/MicroServices, IoT, Cloud, Modern Architecture and Tool. Of course knowledge of Conventional IT applications is essential to ingest digital smartness into legacy IT landscape.
Enterprises are hunting for right talent with full stack digital technical and problem solving skills.
Digitall School is an excellent opportunity for aspiring individuals and IT organizations to up-skill with industry needed comprehensive Digital Solution skills, Full Stack Digital Technical skills, Business Problem Solving, Innovative and Incremental Value Creation Frameworks

The best way to predict your future is to create it by learning today.

You don’t learn just tools
you learn industry needed comprehensive Digital Skills …

  • Full Stack Digital IT Architecture

  • Digital Solution Architecture

  • Full Stack Big Data Solutions


We are not just another tools training provider our training programs are unique

  • Crafted based on current and future needs

  • Training delivered by industry experts

  • Full stack skills not just tools centric

  • You learn applicability of tools and technologies using many use cases and real case studies

  • Customizable based on corporate needs and participants skill level

We are conducting Public and Corporate Training* Classroom and Online Sessions

* Currently, we conducting public in-class room training in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai only. We are open to any city for Corporate Training


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  • Great Course! Learnt how to apply the core digital solution themes – effective problem solving, process automation, customer experience using digital tools.
    -Valarmathy Mani,Standard Chartered Bank
  • Full Stack IT Architect Course. Good Exposure to over all architecture eco-system – Technical, Solution and Enterprise Architecture. Will help my to plan for Architect Career

    Subramaniam Murukesan, HCL Technologies

  • Understood how to create business value and better impact using digital solutions .Liked industry problems based training approach

    -Srinivasan V,CTS

  • Great Learning Experience !!! Able to validate self and internet based leanings authentically.

    -Santhosh Pandey, Global Logic

  • Full stack Big Data course helped me to gain Architectural level understanding of broader Big Data Tools and how to choose them based on various problem scenarios
    -Santhi Kannan, NCS
  • Message oriented middleware, Micro-services, Big Data, Cloud and mobile solutions.
    Lambda and Kappa architecture and when to use what. Data requirements analysis and how to approach a problem.

    -Praveen Kumar Jha , Global Logic

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