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Full Stack Digital IT Architect

Every other solution needs to deal with diversified technical applications landscape, data, ecosystem integrations. There is a massive demand for full stack Architects or Technical Consultants. If you want to build your career in technical design and architecture then this course is for you. You will learn full stack architecture skills including Conventional Application Architecture , SOA, Microservices, API, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, and DevOps. Most importantly how to apply these technologies in enterprise solutions using case studies and use cases.

Full Stack Big Data and Analytics Foundational

You can’t build your career in Big Data by learning 1200+ tools. However, this course will educate you to learn core functions and their respective tools, and architectural elements of Big Data solutions stack. Analysis of Big Data requirements and selection of suitable architecture and tools. If you are planning to become Big Data Experts then start with this course – Full Stack Big Data Foundation. If you are experienced in Java, .NET and other Applications and extend your Big Data skills then this course is for you too. You will learn key aspects of Big Data Tools, Architecture, Data Pipeline, Storage and Processing options based on use cases, source data, business needs.

Digital Solutions Architect

This course is for you if you are aspiring to become Digital Transformer, Digital Solutions Architect/Consultant. Upgrade yourself to deliver solutions through various opportunities – Sales, Consulting and Projects/Programs. In this course you will learn creating digital business capabilities and business problem solving skills using digital technologies, innovative problems solving frameworks and solution patterns for almost all the contemporary industry business problems using case studied and use cases. You will also learn differentiating skills – Incremental Value Creation, More with Less, Injecting Agility in a legacy IT landscape and other high impact solution frameworks

Big Data Solutions Architect

This course is for Big Data Consultant, Engineer, or an architect who is aspiring to become a high impactful Big Data Solutions expert by learning advance solution skills in Big Data space – Problem /Requirement/ Data analysis, Data Modeling based on various patterns – source data (types, volume,streaming data) storage patterns and access patterns. Designing Distributed Data pipe-lines for Point-Solutions, Data Lake and Data Science applications . various Big Data systems and tools selection based on various scenarios.

Cloud platforms and Cloud Native Applications

Cloud enablement and service providers are increasing in numbers and growth. There is an increasing demand for Cloud experts. You will learn the key tenets and principles of Cloud based applications. Analysis of uses cases and effective business case creation for Cloud candidates. business case Effective designing of Cloud Native applications – Elasticity, Serverless, Full Stack , hybrid systems. Continuous Integration and Delivery in a Cloud platforms. Complete understanding of AWS Cloud Platform and tools. Cloud Migration Process Models. Various scenarios of Cloud development and hosting use cases and scenarios.

Analytics and Machine Learning

If you are planning to become Data Science Engineer and Data Scientist then this course is for you. You will learn types of analytics, roles of data engineer and scientist, Core Components of Data Science solution – Designing Data Pipelines for various scenarios, Training and Testing of trained data and Other architecture elements of Data Science applications. Discovering use case for Predictive analytics. Key aspects of ML and Deep Learning. Algorithms and implementation using Spark ML and H2O and Python. Multiple use case and real time case studies of Data science solutions.

Modern Applications using MicroServices and DevOps

In this course, you will learn the must have skills from developers to senior Architect or Managers, End-to-end, development to production challenges of conventional applications ( Java, Legacy , SOA, other) . Principles of Microservices. Microservices and Restful APIs. Designing and Deploying Microservices using DDD and DevOps. Migrating existing monolith to Microservices

Value Centric IT Manager

This course is for Project/Technical Managers, Sales Enablement Executives and Senior Executives who wants to transform form managers to Value Creators. You will learn Value Centric Agile Projects. Managing conventional technology projects and skills vs digital projects and skills. digital technologies based projects. Value Creation Framework – Beyond Customer led requirements, Delivering More with Less, Eye for Arbitrary spending and problem solving.

Full Stack Developer and Other Programs

We also conduct Full Stack Developer, Hadoop, Spark, Functional Programming and other corporate need based trainings.


Extra Mileage

  • Case Studies and Use Cases Driven

    Solution Ideas, Concepts, Tools and Technologies are taught with relevant use cases and real time case studies. You are not just learning the tools alone, you will learn their applicability using broad range of customer and problem scenarios

  • Beyond regular classes

    If few participants are not able to understand any concept during the regular classes or if any participant needs clarifications, no need to worry. We conduct online Support classes to clarify and bring-up to speed.

  • Customizable Training Programs

    We customize the course based on participants skill level, your organizations’ focus and growth plans and industry and technology trends.

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Digital Solutions Architect

Full Stack Big Data Foundation

Value Centric IT Manager

Full Stack Digital IT Architect

Full Stack Big Data Architect

Cloud Solutions Specialist & Architect

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Full Stack Developer and other Courses

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One-size doesn’t fit all. Based on our experience,standard training models doesn’t work for everyone. We have introduced, in addition to regular classes, online support classes to clarify specific subject matter or topics for group of individuals to ensure they are prepared par with the rest of the participants.

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