Digital Solution Architect

Course Description

Every IT Organization is attempting to build their front running Digital Solutions team who are able to influence, Consult and convince corporate customers by delivering digital solutions in a diversified IT landscape. In this course you will learn how to deal with diversified IT systems, applications and technologies to solve enterprise business problems. This course will be an opportunity for you to learn designing digital business capabilities, effective business problem solving skills using digital tools and technologies. Also you will learn most essential skills Incremental value creation, digitization, data analytics, industry business problem patterns and solution patterns using case studies and use cases.

Key Features of this Training Program

  • 70-80 hours instructor led training
  • 20 + Customer tested real time Case studies
  • Online support classes for clarifications
  • Gain experience by doing real time Project
  • Access to training course content and materials for 90 days

  • Eligible Candidates

    Consultants, Technical Mangers,Architects, Project Managers Sales support Professionals and Delivery Heads with minimum 5 years IT experience analysis & design or development experience in any technical streams

    Course Topics and Coverage :

    • What is changing ?

      Past, Present and Future of Business, Stakeholders expectations, IT landscape and Technology

    • Conventional vs Modern Architecture and Solution Design

    • Core Elements of Digital Solutions

    • Digital Solution Design

    • Solution Design in Context- Market, Business, EA, Project/Program Delivery

    • Problems Analysis: Business, Process and Technical. Gap Analysis

      Effective problem Analysis and Beyond customer led requirements

    • Target State Solution Design

      Digital Business Capabilities
      Innovative Solution Options
      Application/Technical Architecture
      Process and Information View
      Implementation Architecture

    • Innovative approaches to address key organizational objective and concerns – customer acquisition/retention, Revenue and Profits

    • Industry Business Problems and Digital Solution Patterns

      Nexus of forces shaping the Business and IT –Digital Trends
      Most pressing business problems and objectives
      Impediments of existing IT Landscape
      Principles of value centric Problem Analysis – Gap Analysis – Solution Recommendation
      Digital Architecture and Solution Principles

    • Business Problem and Solutions Patterns - Case Study Walk through

      Poor customer satisfaction
      Absence of ease of doing Business
      Lack of Digital Channels
      Lack of Agile IT Platform
      Manual and broken Processes
      Poor speed to market (Products and service)
      Poor workforce efficiency
      High operational cost
      Fragile Legacy IT Core applications
      Business and regulatory changes takes long
      High IT operational cost
      Lack of customer, Products/service insights and Poor Decision making
      Globalization vs Localization

    • Extended Value Creation using - Digitization, Big Data, Cloud and API centric Services and DevOps

    • Building Agility with Legacy Systems

    • Creating Winning Business Case

    • Innovative Solution Models - More with Less, Self Funding, Effective ROI

    • Convert spend into Growth Opportunity

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